Fabric: Soft Cambric 100% Cotton, Eco–Tex Standard 100

Filling: 100% Microfibre

ClimaBalance  :  The only microfibre duvet with a world wide patented, all-natural climate control system

A simple principle with an amazing effect:

With ClimaBalance, Sanders of Germany has presented the first microfibre duvet with a double-zone system consisting of microfibre cassettes and ventilating climate control zones. It regulates temperature and moisture according to the thermal and physiological needs of the sleeper. Thanks to the thermal effect, the physical effect of rising warm air and moisture, an individual, comfortable atmosphere - which adjusts itself constantly and automatically throughout the night - is created the moment you get into bed.

The remarkable feature of the ventilation effect:

The cassettes filled with high quality microfibre create a light and pleasant warmth, while the climate control zones made of high tech fibre fabric conduct moisture from the bed with the rising air. This ventilation effect is three times higher in ClimaBalance than in ordinary duvets. Natural air circulation prevents the build-up of warmth and moisture under the duvet. The fabric of the climate control zones does not absorb any moisture, but conveys it on. The double inside baffles form air chambers, which prevent cold zones.

More well-being through sound sleep:

The particular feeling of well-being under the ClimaBalance duvet leads to more restful repose, and this in turn means that the human body can extract the greatest possible benefits from sleep phases. The relaxation of mind and body associated with this ensures greater vitality, productivity and balance in the morning. Scientific studies prove that high-quality sleep has a positive influence on the body’s immune system.

ClimaBalance - functional characteristics …

  • A dry atmosphere at the perfect temperature under the duvet for relaxing sleep phases
  • Only purely natural, physical processes are at work
  • Up to three times higher moisture release in comparison to standard microfibre duvets
  • The build-up of warmth is avoided
  • Fast reaction to changing atmospheric conditions
  • Self-regulating working principle
  • Improved longevity of the microfibre duvet thanks to optimal cross-ventilation of casing and microfibre filling
  • Luxurious components: the finest down in a down proof casing and climate control zones made of innovative high tech fibre fabric
  • Different ClimaBalance versions for the most individual requirements

Junior  (100/135)
R 1  399.00
Single  (135/200)
R 2  869.00
Three Quarter  (150/200)
R 2  969.00
Double  (200/200)
R 3  699.00
Queen  (230/200)
R 3  989.00
King  (230/220)
R 4  099.00
Super King  (260/240)
R 5  669.00


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